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It's A Plastic Free July Giveaway!

Happy Plastic Free July! (Is that a thing people say? We're making that a thing.)

Are you familiar with the Plastic Free July challenge? During the month of July hundreds of millions of people take a pledge to refuse single-use plastic and spread the word on plastic pollution. They say no to plastic straws and bags, reuse what they have, and make simple changes to their lives that reduce plastic waste. In 2020, even during a pandemic, they avoided 900 million kg of plastic, which is amazing! And now, in 2021, Viroqua Plastic Free is proud to be a participating organization!

You can sign up for the pledge at the Plastic Free July website and join millions of other people around the world who are looking to make a difference. We are always stronger when we work together.

To kick off the challenge, we wanted to offer a giveaway! If you sign up for our newsletter any time during the month of July, you'll be automatically entered into a drawing to win one of our Choose to Reuse bags! There will be five winners contacted via the email address you use to sign up. (Must be in the continental United States to qualify.)

We're so excited to share these bags with you, and to all take this challenge together!

What are your challenges/victories during Plastic Free July? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


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