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We're making Viroqua a "Choose to Reuse" community!

Did you know Wisconsin state law prevents small towns from banning plastic bags? It's true! And while we have some ideas in mind for how to tackle those laws, change at the legislative level is often slow. But that doesn't mean we can't take action today! As citizens we hold the power of our choices. Imagine the incredible good that could come from banding together and saying "Viroqua is a community that chooses to reuse." 


It's a powerful statement, and a dream that we can start achieving today.

Viroqua Plastic Free has been working with businesses in our community to start a "choose to reuse" campaign. You can pick up a VPF reusable bag from one of our partners listed below, look for the VPF partner stickers in the windows of your favorite businesses, and check out our blog where we'll be highlighting some of the amazing people making a difference in our community!

Blue Bobbin Studio

Bon Ton

Driftless Angler

Driftless Dressmaker


Mac Help

Main Street Station

Mr. G's

Nelson Agri-Center

Parrish Music

Pure Concepts


Second Time Around

Viroqua Floral Mercantile

Viroqua Food Co-op

Viroqua Variety

Wonderstate Coffee

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We're excited to step into this journey with you!

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