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Plastic Free Solutions

The Driftless area is lucky to call itself home for many small and local businesses, and they make our lives richer for being here! Our businesses are community leaders and innovators, and they have an incredible opportunity to set a strong example by reducing their waste.


Interested in helping transform Viroqua into the "choose to reuse" community? We'd love to help! Here's what we can do with you:

1. Perform a plastic audit. Not sure how much plastic you're using and wasting? A trash audit can evaluate not only how much plastic your business is using, but what kind and where it's going. This is step one in reducing your plastic footprint.

2. Identify supply chain waste (i.e. waste that is passed on to your customers). Do your products get wrapped in plastic, automatically come with a plastic straw, or are otherwise passing on plastic waste? We can help you come up with solutions that avoid single-use plastics.

3. Foster a "choose to reuse" culture at your business. Encourage your customers to bring their own containers, reduce or eliminate the single-use plastic you offer, and support your employees by getting them on board and providing them with low waste facilities.

4. Have a conversation with us! We would love to help you identify/reduce your waste, present the issue to your team, or feature you on our website! We're proud of the businesses in our community, and want to help them succeed and grow. Let us know how we can help you on this journey!


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