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Lesson Plans for Teachers

Kindergarden through High School

In 20## Viroqua Plastic Free reached out to educators in the Driftless region to make lesson plans teaching about plastic. We came up with plans appropriate for kids in kindergarden all the way through high school, introducing students to the material of plastic, the problem of plastic, and creative solutions to plastic. These are broken into six categories, each providing lesson plans for specific grades. 

1. What is plastic? (Grades K-12)

Hands on activities reveal what plastic is made from, where plastic is hidden in everyday items, the plastic numbering system, and the safety/toxicity of plastics. 

2. The Invention of Plastic. (Grades K-12)

A timeline sets plastic production in relation to human history and its origins. Young students learn through storytelling about natural history, plastic's origins in fossil fuels, and the recent invention of plastic. Older students also learn about the production of plastic and its rapid growth, run the numbers on current consumption habits, and explore its non-biodegradability. 

3. The Journey of Plastic. (Grades K-12)

Students follow the journey of plastic from consumption to the recycling bin, and eventually to the incinerator, landfill, recycling facility, or environment. Older students explore what actually happens to discarded plastic and study headlines which reveal different aspects of plastic pollution. 

4. My Plastic Free Body. (Grades 6-12)

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