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Here we will include a brief description of the video and maybe a VERY short review. Link to the film, perhaps put a trailer directly on the page. 

Lessons From A Landfill (year?)

This short documentary from the Vernon County Landfill provides a look behind the scenes of a county landfill in rural Wisconsin. It will make you think twice about what you buy and everything you "throw away." Watch the short film here

Bag It (2010)

A soon-to-be father explores the effects of plastic on our world and our bodies. This film is delightfully funny, touching, and insightful. As a bonus, Bag It comes with a whole set of suggested curriculum material for teachers and parents to use with their kids. 

A Plastic Ocean (2016)

In one of the many gyres in our ocean, scientists have found more plastic than plankton. This film documents the latest science on plastics and how they interact with our world. Available on Netflix, iTunes, or Amazon Prime.

The Story of Plastic (2020)


"Garbage Land: On the Secret Trail of Trash" by Elizabeth Royte

A deep-dive into the journey of the author's trash in her native New York City, this book has many insights into the system of "throwing it away" that exists in the United States. Available through the Winding Rivers Library System. 

"Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier (All Without Driving Your Family Crazy!)"  by Leah Segedie

A comprehensive guide to the many ways modern living exposes our families to toxic chemicals and specific recommendations to reduce that exposure.  The author lists brands (bad-better-best) in many categories to help us make wiser purchases when we shop for our families. Available through the Winding Rivers Library System.

"Simply Sustainable: Moving Toward Plastic-Free Low-Waste Living" by Lily Cameron

If you are new to plastic-free/low-waste living, this is the book for you. It leads you through baby steps of progress to reach your goal and reminds us that we "need a whole lot of people doing it imperfectly rather than a handful of individuals fitting [a year's worth of] trash into a jar." Available through the Winding Rivers Library System.

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