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What's Happening Now:

Lesson Plans for K-12
(incl. Wisconsin Academic State standards)
  1. What Is Plastic?
2. The Rise of the Plastic Problem
3. The Journey of Plastic: Where Does It Go? 
4. My plastic-free body?
5. Plastic Free Alternatives
6. Time To Take Action!

Standalone Lessons / Presentations
Power Point Presentation for High School & adults
Demonstration for Elementary/Middle School
Sea Turtle Play and Plastic Free Practice for K-5
Interactive Quiz Game for all ages 
Problems & Solutions Handout

2. Check out our updated tips on switching to filtered tap water: HOW DO YOU HYDRATE?
(New research shows water in plastic bottles has 22 times more microplastics than tap water.)

Ongoing Action:
Viroqua Plastic Free Community Group meets every other Friday 5-6:30pm, in Viroqua
Supporting WI Leg. Bills AB 177 (regulation of containers/bags) and LRB 0032 (ban styrofoam)

Mumbai, India. The "world's largest beach clean-up project" turned Versova beach (covered 5.5 feet deep in trash,
 removing more than 5.7 million kg of waste) into a turtle hatching paradise. However, trash is washing ashore again. Plastic pollution has been recognized in recent years as the second dire global problem on the same scope of climate change.

Viroqua Plastic Free intends to:
Raise awareness of plastic pollution, plastic health issues, and solutions to the plastic crisis

Offer education on the scope of plastic use, and available alternatives

Offer education on the local interface with the global plastic situation

Offer guidance on plastic-free living

Work with local businesses, schools, and community groups for cooperative solutions
Viroqua Plastic Free is a relatively new organization in the area. We hope to encourage everyone to drastically reduce their use of plastics, especially single-use items (e.g. packaging, bags, bottles), as well as engage in the process of greatly reducing plastic production and consumption overall beyond our personal consumption. We recognize that the real solution is recognizing the need to reduce over recycling.
Contact Information:
Email: Viroquaplasticfree@gmail.com
Facebook: Viroqua Plastic Free
To join or support the Viroqua Plastic Free Future Community Group, send an email