How Teenage Sisters Pushed Bali To Say 'Bye-Bye' To Plastic Bags

Summary: In a multi-layered approach, Isabel and Melati (10 and 12 at the time) first got together a group of kids. Then they did presentations at schools, talked to people, organized beach cleanups, distributed alternative bag and created a sticker for all the restaurants & stores that are plastic-bag-free. They wanted to get the government on board and figured 1million signatures might convince the governor. How could they get so many signatures? They asked for permission to collect them at the airport, and collected 1000 signatures in just 1.5hours! Then they decided to not eat from sunrise to sunset, until the governor of Bali would agree to meet with them to talk about plastic bags. On day 2 police came and brought them to meet the governor and he committed to a plastic bag-free Bali.