Action Alert

CURRENT ACTION ALERT: We need support for bill AB 177 and LRB 0032.
AB 177: The current law in Wisconsin prohibits local government from banning or assessing a fee for "auxiliary containers" (e.g. bags). Assembly Bill 177 would rescind these prohibitions.
Public hearing notice will be here:
Page for the Committee on Local Government:, where the plastics bill is referred to. They also post the hearing notice on this page.
LRB 0032: prohibiting food and beverages from being served in foam polystyrene packaging and providing a penalty. Legislators can sign on as co-sponsors to bills at any point before the legislation is voted on.
Step 1: You can support by getting co-sponsors for the bills: Call/Email your and other legislators with the request to co-sponsor these bills:

Find your representatives' contact information 
Contact Information for all Wisconsin Legislators
Oldenburg (608 266 3534;  
Step 2: Advocate with the chair Rep. Noval (608 266 7502; and Vice-Chair Rep. Gundrum (608 264 8486; of the Assembly Committee on Local Government, to get a public hearing.
Step 3: Watch out for new action alerts from us. There are a few more steps to get these bills passed.

LRB 0032: prohibits an operator of a retail food business from serving food and beverages in foam polystyrene packaging.  The prohibition under the bill does not apply to either of the following:  1) containers enclosing food or beverage that have been filled and sealed outside the state; or 2) containers used for packaging raw meat, poultry, fish, or seafood to be consumed off the premises where sold.  Under the bill, the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection may grant a waiver from the prohibition lasting up to one year after the bill takes effect to a retail food business operator.  DATCP may grant a waiver under the bill if doing so is necessary to avoid an undue hardship or practical difficulty for a retail food business operator that is not common among similarly situated retail food business operators.